Things That Annoy Me On The Internet

I have found things from the internet that simply make my crazy! I do not understand why they happen, but I know they annoy me like non other! Hope you agree!

1.) People who post about being drunk and getting high.
It looks disgusting,  and you look even worse. No one wants to see some drunk girl at a bar who is throwing up all over the place, so why post it? Plus besides the fact it is disgusting,  have fun getting a job! 🙂

2.) People who post about every tiny thing they do.
Just peed!
Cooking dinner!
Eating dinner!
Honey, please do let me know when you washed your hands and when you changed your underwear. .. Sarcasm is very well intended. I don’t live with you, nor do I want to… so therefore I don’t want to know what you do at home. Thank you!

3.) People who post a little too much information about their significant other.
It doesn’t have to disgusting things just every little thing. Like when you guys call each other, who fell asleep first, every date night, every time he kisses you, every time he says he loves you. Yay! You have a boyfriend! Good job. Im single and now im depressed. Thanks

4.) Annoying vacation photos.
I limit you to 4 photos. Other than that, it’s pushing it to the limit. 20 photos of you on the beach of Hawaii and 50 other photos of God knows what isn’t making me smile, it’s making me realize how poor I am and how I hate your vacation.

5.) Pictures of your kids.
One or two a week is alright. Once it hits one or two pictures an hour? Yeah I will murder someone. Your kid may or may not be cute whatever, but what I really start to look at is if his father really is… his father because other than that, the kid bores me. And what is so different between the first picture and the next one? Did your kid grow significantly in the past five minutes? Nope. Still the same damn kid.

6.) Selfies every day.
I am no stranger to the selfie, but a selfie literally everyday? Kind of annoying. No more explanation, lol

7.) People who post pictures of their food.
Thank you for showing me how hungry I am or how nasty your food looks. Good for you, you’re eating food that may or may not look good. And now what?

8.) Girls who post something about them being pissed off but tell everyone who comments, “I don’t want to talk about it”
What? If you really didn’t want to talk about it, then why post it? It’s like buying fancy shoes… and not wearing them.

9.) Talking about your diet online.
I honestly don’t care what you eat or don’t eat.

10.) Over-exposed photos.
You do know that photos like that will not get you a respectable boyfriend,  good solid friends and definitely will not get you a job. But besides the technical “you won’t get a job” its just down right annoying to see other girls boobs. I know what boobs look like… I don’t need to see what yours look like too.

11.) People who post their expensive new gifts.
Yay. You’re spoiled. Neeeext!

12.) The “no makeup” tags.
Bitch, we all know you are wearing makeup! Now if you really aren’t wearing one ounce of makeup, I am damn proud. You go girl!

13.) People who post almost a dissertation on what they did that day in one post.
I honestly do not care about hearing every detail of your day. If I did, I’d call you and ask how your day went.

14.) Excessive countdowns.
I accept a limit of 5 day countdowns. I have been seeing literally 20+ day countdowns? Everyday? Really?

15.) Snapchat stories.
Some girls be acting a damn fool and don’t realize these stories go to EVERYONE.

16.) Sympathy likes.
This may sound like I have no heart and soul, but what will a “like” on facebook do for you? Yes it breaks my heart so see such horrible stories, but my like on facebook isn’t going to make the situation better. I have heart for you, but don’t beg for my “like”

Well there you have it! A long list of things I simply annoy me on social networking. Agree or disagree, like this blog!!! Comment below if you know of any things that make you crazy! I know there are more out there!!!! Have a wonderful and safe day!

Your happily annoyed friend



      • most is old story as long the WWW is
        kill my nerves too most of the time
        you not alone 😉

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