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Hello Ladies and Gents!


I know for sure that everything is way better to do when you are in the right setting. Whether it be at home doing work, cleaning or anything involving a task. In this particular post I am talking about dying your hair at home. I LOVE dying my own hair, myself, because 1. it’s cheaper and 2. I can look like a bum with a big t-shirt that can fit me and my best friend in, it’s so big. However, I had the actual process of dying my hair. With that being said, I feel that if I do not have the right mood, music and entertainment, I will end up giving up and going with half done hair. Alright, I won’t give up, but I will be bitching the whole time, lol. So, I have thought of some things you can do to make any hair dying experience more entertaining! … Adding in a few hair dying tips as well!


Disclaimer: I am not a beauty gyro nor do I have my cosmetology licence, I am just giving my own experiences!


Hair Dying Tips:


Know Your Hair Dye: I typically do not like the hair dye that comes in a pre-packaged box. It just never has worked for me. Not only is it never enough dye for all my hair, but it fades way faster. My tip is to go to sally’s and buy Ion hair dye tubes and developer.  For me, I use three tubes of mahogany brown dye and mix in one red hair dye to add more dimension, also mixing in 10 developer. (I get so many tubes because i have thick, long hair) If I am adding any bleach in my hair, which I have recently stopped doing, I would get two packages of lightening powder from Ion (also at sally’s) and 30 developer. Now, If you do not know much about hair dye and how to mix the color with the developer, or anything of the process, I do not suggest doing this UNLESS you know someone with a lot of experiences with hair dye to help/assist you! Do not do the “let’s try this out, I guess” It never works, trust me!


Have The Right Tools: If you go the sally’s Ion/Developer route, I suggest getting the following items; Mixing bowl ($2.49), Dye Mixing whisk ($5.99), Clips ($4.00), Flat dye brush ($1.99), Gloves ($2.29), Hair color and Developer, of course!


Stay Clean!: It is very important to maintain a clean work space! You are working with dye, and it will get EVERYWHERE! Trust me. Have towels you don’t care about lying around, they will have dye on them and it will not wash off! Another essential is to have dye remover with you at all times in the little bottle. If you do not have that, it is okay, if you remember this golden rule: color removes color. If you are in the groove and see a spot on the counter, wall, floor, mirror or where ever, get a tissue, seriously lightly tap it into your dye in your bowl and rub it away! Then get a new, clean piece, rub it over to ensure it is completely off, and you’re good! Watch where you set things down, because you may set down your whisk on the counter without thinking and then you are left with marks of dye permanently on your sink. I do, and my parents are not too pleased about it either!


Set The Mood:


Light some candles! This makes for a soothing experience. Whether it be a nice summer candle to make you feel like your on an island with a Corona in hand and feet in the sand, or a fall candle to make you feel like you are being hugged! The choice is up to you!


Wear Over-sized, Comfy Clothes! You’re at home! Put on that over-sized shirt that you stole from your boyfriend, wear shorts or whatever you want! Just make sure they are things you do not mind getting hair dye on, because let’s face it, no one is nice and neat when working with dye! You should see my neck, ears and shirt at the end of a hair dye date! Yikes!


Play Background Music! I love music! The right Pandora station will just make the time fly by! I throw on some country, old school 90’s music, and my favorite right now, Sam Smith music. Whatever helps you, play it!


Drink A Little Wine: DO NOT get tipsy or drunk just yet! Drunk hair is never a good idea in the morning! Just have a glass ready for when your arms hurt from getting the back of your hair. Remember, you have gloves on with dye on them, so stay classy, and red-solo-cup it up! Wine is always a good idea. Be safe!


Have Friends Over!: This is a great way to get your mind of the grueling task at hand. They are there to make you laugh, share a little gossip, drink a little wine and even help you when you get to areas you can’t see or reach! I know I cannot do my hair without my best friend, and when I am forced to by whatever means, do it alone, IT SUCKS. So yes, friends are a must!


I know there aren’t too many helpful things to make the experience better, but I hope these helped! I love dying my hair, but hate the boring process! By doing these things, I feel I can conquer the world!! …Okay not really conquer the world, but you get the gist. I hope these tips helped you! If you have any questions, just write them down below! Like this blog, because let’s ace it, it’s fun to like blogs! Comment below some things you do while dying your hair, or during any boring task! Have a wonderful and safe night!


Here is my before and after, in case you were wondering! Do not make fun pf my weird face, I tend to make that face a lot, along with other weird ones!






Your freshly hair dyed friend





Things That Annoy Me On The Internet

I have found things from the internet that simply make my crazy! I do not understand why they happen, but I know they annoy me like non other! Hope you agree!

1.) People who post about being drunk and getting high.
It looks disgusting,  and you look even worse. No one wants to see some drunk girl at a bar who is throwing up all over the place, so why post it? Plus besides the fact it is disgusting,  have fun getting a job! 🙂

2.) People who post about every tiny thing they do.
Just peed!
Cooking dinner!
Eating dinner!
Honey, please do let me know when you washed your hands and when you changed your underwear. .. Sarcasm is very well intended. I don’t live with you, nor do I want to… so therefore I don’t want to know what you do at home. Thank you!

3.) People who post a little too much information about their significant other.
It doesn’t have to disgusting things just every little thing. Like when you guys call each other, who fell asleep first, every date night, every time he kisses you, every time he says he loves you. Yay! You have a boyfriend! Good job. Im single and now im depressed. Thanks

4.) Annoying vacation photos.
I limit you to 4 photos. Other than that, it’s pushing it to the limit. 20 photos of you on the beach of Hawaii and 50 other photos of God knows what isn’t making me smile, it’s making me realize how poor I am and how I hate your vacation.

5.) Pictures of your kids.
One or two a week is alright. Once it hits one or two pictures an hour? Yeah I will murder someone. Your kid may or may not be cute whatever, but what I really start to look at is if his father really is… his father because other than that, the kid bores me. And what is so different between the first picture and the next one? Did your kid grow significantly in the past five minutes? Nope. Still the same damn kid.

6.) Selfies every day.
I am no stranger to the selfie, but a selfie literally everyday? Kind of annoying. No more explanation, lol

7.) People who post pictures of their food.
Thank you for showing me how hungry I am or how nasty your food looks. Good for you, you’re eating food that may or may not look good. And now what?

8.) Girls who post something about them being pissed off but tell everyone who comments, “I don’t want to talk about it”
What? If you really didn’t want to talk about it, then why post it? It’s like buying fancy shoes… and not wearing them.

9.) Talking about your diet online.
I honestly don’t care what you eat or don’t eat.

10.) Over-exposed photos.
You do know that photos like that will not get you a respectable boyfriend,  good solid friends and definitely will not get you a job. But besides the technical “you won’t get a job” its just down right annoying to see other girls boobs. I know what boobs look like… I don’t need to see what yours look like too.

11.) People who post their expensive new gifts.
Yay. You’re spoiled. Neeeext!

12.) The “no makeup” tags.
Bitch, we all know you are wearing makeup! Now if you really aren’t wearing one ounce of makeup, I am damn proud. You go girl!

13.) People who post almost a dissertation on what they did that day in one post.
I honestly do not care about hearing every detail of your day. If I did, I’d call you and ask how your day went.

14.) Excessive countdowns.
I accept a limit of 5 day countdowns. I have been seeing literally 20+ day countdowns? Everyday? Really?

15.) Snapchat stories.
Some girls be acting a damn fool and don’t realize these stories go to EVERYONE.

16.) Sympathy likes.
This may sound like I have no heart and soul, but what will a “like” on facebook do for you? Yes it breaks my heart so see such horrible stories, but my like on facebook isn’t going to make the situation better. I have heart for you, but don’t beg for my “like”

Well there you have it! A long list of things I simply annoy me on social networking. Agree or disagree, like this blog!!! Comment below if you know of any things that make you crazy! I know there are more out there!!!! Have a wonderful and safe day!

Your happily annoyed friend

I Can’t!

As a girl, I know this phrase all too well; I can’t!  I Just Can’t!
I say it all the time trust me! I found a few things that I simply Can’t!

1.) Guys’ muscle shirts that show nips.
That is just gross! If I really wanted to see your nipples, I’d go look for them. I don’t want them looking at me when I’m not ready. It’s like being camera shy; you know there’s a camera out but you just don’t want to look. Gross!

2.) Girls that wear clothes that obviously do not fit.
Come on now! Just cause it zips, don’t mean it fits! Please, no one likes unwanted muffins.

3.) Girls that wear make-up to the gym.
Who are you trying to please? You expect to find your husband there amongst sweaty beef head men? I guarantee you, the “husband” type ain’t walking around with nipple muscle shirts. The husband type is in the spice isle at Vons looking for the perfect spices for that steak he is going to make you. Or in the feminine isle looking to hook a girl up with her faborite tampon brand because he is a kind soul. Girlfriend, no!

4.) Girls that wear heels in inappropriate places.
Appropriate places: Weddings, Parties, The Club, Funerals, The Office, A job interview
Inappropriate places: Disneyland, the market (unless you came straight from the appropriate place), sport games, concerts, anywhere involving stadium seating, school.
I just don’t see the need!

5.) Birds.
Self explanatory. They scare me 

6.) Body builders.
Ain’t nothing cute about steroid filled, oiled up, overly bronzed freaks. No one looks like that naturally!  Especially the guys with the back and chest muscles that are 500x wider than their waist and they’re wearing a banana hammock. It is so wrong on so many levels. And women? Why girl, why? Why do some women think being built like a man is sexy? It is my personal barf city view.

7.) Cake face.
There’s a limit to how much makeup looks good. If I can physically go up to you and swipe my finger on your face and have it look like it does when I do the same to icing on a cake, then we have a problem.

8.) Greasy hair.
I just personally hate it. I am not a stranger to second or third day hair, so I get it completely. I just simply Can’t.

9.) Septum piercings.
Why do you wanna look like a bull? Is that a turn on to some people? It honestly probably is, so I’ll just keep my mouth shut, lol.

10.) Anyone who has stretched ears or any stretched piercings for that matter.
It looks funky, smells like dead people, never fully goes back to normal without surgery and is just down right, weird. Skin should not be stretched out like that.

11.) People who dont like Starbucks.
Starbucks is god. It is comfort, a quick wake up call, a hand to hold in the mornings and a swift kick in the ass.

12.) Big, wide legged jeans.
There is a reason why they never really stayed too long in fashion. Think about it girls.

13.) Smart cars.
One tap, and your tipped over. You’re screwed dude!

14.) Diets.
They don’t work! And they make you angry and hungry. So you’re hangry. And that ain’t cute!

15.) Girls with high pitched voices.
Ain’t no one want to date Minnie Mouse. Be a woman toughen up, buttercup.

16.) Guys who walk around with those athlete slip on shoes.
I have no idea what their actual name is or who makes them but they’re the slip on sandals that literally, slip on. No support, no way of truly serving a solid purpose. And they’ve worn with socks! They just look sloppy and ugly. Gross!

17.) Mandals.
Better yet, women that wear Mandals. Shit you not, a woman in my FASHION class wore mandals everyday. I wanted to shoot her feet. They’re just, no!

18.) Old, grouchy people.
When you reach a certain age, you’re considered an old folk.  Old folks are suppose to be sweet, funny, caring, constantly carrying around butterscotch candies and telling us young people how life was when they were our age. Why are some of you grouchy? Dammit, be cute! You deserve it

19.) Mix-matching patterns.
I know it is like, a thing in fashion. But I dont really know why is has become a thing. When was it cute to mix plaid with polka dots? Never… *in quiet, creepy, whisper voice*

20.) Kim Kardashian.
Girl stanks.

Well there you have it! A list of things I just can’t!  I hope you enjoyed them, liked them, agreed with them and thought of things you just can’t! If you like them, then give this blog-aroo a likey like! If you hated them, still like this blog! If you think of any other things you just can’t, throw me a comment below because I love to hear about your crazies too!

Your friend that just can’t,

Beauty Anxiety

I hate this. I hate being a girl. Here is why.

In life, we are supposed to live up to societies standards. We are guided by the bold, the brave and the beautiful. Well, so we think. The oh-so bold, brave and beautiful just so happen to be the leading hand in our beauty anxiety that has been growing in recent years. The bold, brave and beautiful just so happen to be skinny, tall, big breasted, blonde hair blue eyed beauties. They are burning their image in our minds. Do you realize that? The actresses that we admire most today are just another façade in the eyes of society. Models are known to be stick thin right? No meat on their bones what so ever. Largely sunk in cheek bones, perfect tiny little booty, and almost unpracticed sultry eyes. The eyes that look you cold and dead in the eye, with an unyielding power to send anyone under their spell. We look up to them. We have been putting the wrong images in girls mind’s since as long as we can remember.

Back in the Victorian era, it was the norm and almost sexy for a women to be chubby. Women had to give off the appearance that they are pregnant, or so that they can hold a baby, which to men of this era, was showing they were the perfect match to carry their baby. Beside that, it also showed wealth and your economic status because being chubby meant you had food, which meant you had to have money for this food, thus showing your economic status. As the years went on, this look remained. Now look at us today… Thin Obsessed America. It sickening. Some may say it’s just how the dice rolls. Well, shit. We were screwed from the beginning, right? We don’t see men going through the same anxieties as women do. Now, I am NOT saying guys don’t have pressures at all, because they do. I am just saying, it’s harder to live in this world as a girl, a woman, a wife, a mother and a friend.

Girls have to look: Skinny, tall, blonde, tan, lean, have muscles, gorgeous eyes, have a tiny booty, thin hands, high cheek bones, big boobs, soft skin, no pours, no blemishes, pearly white teeth that are all aligned, nails pained at all times, perfect clothes, no bad body fat, small thighs, heel wearing women, lipstick on at all times, sexy, pretty, hot, attractive, long hair, soft hair, curly hair, straight hair, perfectly groomed, and the list still goes on.

Girls have to play many roles too, like: The mother, the friend, the girlfriend, the business woman, lady on the streets, freak in the sheets, the model, the cook, the maid, the housewife, the student, the funny one, the serious one, the homemaker, the decorator, the soft spoken one, the loud one, the one who will fight for the ones she loves, the one who won’t back down, the tough-guy, the softy, the dainty woman. Basically, wonder woman.

With all of these high expectations, it is a wonder how most of us make it through life. These expectations have been set on fire and steroids. Unfortunately, there are some girls who fall by the wayside. These high expectations get to our minds and we loose sight of who we are. A literal example is make-up. A tool that was designed to hide ourselves. Our daily mask, right? Girls everyday are abusing make-up to hide how they really look because we have put these models in their face. Pictures of airbrushed girls are all over the internet. The guys that girls like are constantly fantasizing about and talking about these perfectly flawless women excessively. Guys, these women are AIRBRUSHED. Smoothed out, thinned out, stretched out, blotted out with Photoshop and MAKE-UP. And to think, there guys that are constantly putting girls down for even wearing the slightest bit of make-up or maybe too much make-up. Guys, ever thought that the reason why a girl wears a lot of make-up is because jerks like you subliminally call them ugly? Guys do this constantly. They send out messages to their friends unknowingly on facebook, twitter, instagram, you name it, of their #wcw (women crush Wednesday). Girls look at these pictures and think, “I’m supposed to look like that.” and you know what???? THEY GO OUT AND DO THAT. Sometimes, to the extreme. Make-up, plastic surgery, botox, fillers, tummy tucks, chin implants, cheek implants, everything under the sun. And then you guys still go and criticize them? You damn fools.

Now I am not saying guys are the problem. But they sure do help with the anxiety. It is SICK to think guys criticize women for how they look with make-up, yet they are idolizing women that are airbrushed. Do you guys even know what you are saying? What you are doing? Better yet, what you are causing? I bet you don’t, and i hope this a quick slap in the face. Wake up.

Girls have it hard. We wear make-up and get criticized. We aren’t strong enough, or soft enough. We aren’t skinny enough, tall enough, pretty enough. It is sad to think girls are suffering from body image and self confidence. We all are unique in our own way. We are all beautiful in our own way too. I say, let’s throw away images of models, celebrities, that are putting bad images in our minds. Let us all burn the images! Not forget these models and actresses, but not let them define who we are. Yay, good for them, they are skinny and tall…. whatever! They don’t know what good pizza tastes like, or what second day hair feels like. Sucks for them right??? We do! We love pizza, fries, second day hair, no make-up days, messy-hair days! Don’t let societies messed up views on beauty define you. How about you define beauty yourself.


your friend


What Items Every Girl Should Have In Her Closet!

I don’t always have the best sense of style. I was never known as the girl who knew how to glam it up everyday. In fact, There are days I wear whatever i wore to bed, out. The biggest fashion DON”T, right? I just have the days that I roll out of bed, look in the mirror and say, yup, that’s it folks! I have those days more than I should… and I blame College!

I though long and hard about this. I have thought what are some items I should have handy, clean, and ready to be thrown on in times of stress.

I have found some essential items that are always helpful to have in your closet. They aren’t expensive, and you don’t need multiple of them, but they are items you can throw on to make it seem like you actually spent the time getting ready and setting out clothes for the day. They are full proof, ladies! It never hurts to have a few items that can be used any day. You don’t need to spend hours wondering what to wear anymore!


The simple and easy, Grey t-shirt. This item is a practical everyday item. Get any type of grey or and wash you desire. Scoop neck, V-neck or T-shirt neck, it is up to you. Grey is a cool color and when paired with jeans, lace shorts or even a cute skirt will add a touch of casual style without being Pj’s… like what I wear. I prefer a wash similar to the one in this picture and a v-neck seeing as how I like how my collar bones look with a v-neck. I wear this shirt with my black lace shorts and it is a free and easy look!


This next item is a simple pair of loose fit, light-wash, jean. This is perfect to have handy! The light wash are easier to pair with shirts because jeans do get a bit dark. Light color and black are good to match with any color. These also won’t make your outfit look too dark, which is a problem I have. These are jeans you don’t normally wear everyday but they are perfect for those days you want to wear pants but not wear tight jeans like i know we all have in our closet. My pair are so comfortable and make my outfit look effortless and very cute! Pair these with a grey t-shirt, any shirt for that matter and some strappy sandals and you’re good to go.


A statement necklace! Okay so this doesn’t go in your closet, but still, bare with me. A nice statement necklace it THE perfect way to jazz up any outfit. Wear it with a simple t-shirt or tank-top or even an already jazzy shirt! Nothing better than a necklace that can go with almost anything right? Gosh, I love this look too.


Okay, these just depend on your personal style because i know some people don’t like them. Lace shorts! I’m telling you, when they first became really cute, I did not like them and thought they wouldn’t look good on me…. but, I bought a pair… and I LOVE THEM. I have a white and black pair. These are so effortlessly cute and make any outfit! They add a little bit of an added flair that you’d want. I prefer getting them in white, black or grey, but these mint ones where just too cute to pass up!


Strappy (flat) sandals! These are absolutely perfect for any outfit. Get some simple strappy sandals for a good price and you won’t be disappointed! They are easy to throw on and make for good outfits. Wear them with literally anything! I have a few pairs and I am addicted to them.


And our last item goes without saying, but I will say it anyway… The little black dress. It is true, every girl needs one in her closet! You can dress this look up or down… it all depends on you! The little black dress will NEVER go out of style, trust me. So go and inc=vest in one now! I mean… right now! Go!

Well there you have it. Those were just some items every girl should have in her closet, clean and ready to be thrown on. These can all be found at great prices at any of your local Targets, department stores, or anywhere you shop! These are items that will never go out of style, look good with almost everything, and don’t cost an arm and a leg to get them. (These images were found on Pinterest.)

I hope you have enjoyed my list. Comment below some pieces you have in your closet that you are glad you got! I would love to know all of your closet stories as well!

Be safe and have a wonderful rest of your evening… day wherever you are from!


your helpful friend


A Stronger Love

Lately, I have noticed one major thing in my life. That is the fact that i have everything i ever wanted BUT a guy.

My life has been empty in that area for a while and i can’t help but think there is something wrong with me. I found love in a guy that was too good for me, and that ended up leaving me. I dated a guy for a solid 2 years and never felt any emotion after the breakup. I talked to a few guys and there is not one ounce of attraction.

No matter how hard I try, Love will just not be in the cards for me for a while.

I have taken some time to realize one thing: I have a love that is stronger than anything a guy can give me. I have a best friend. She has been my rock these past two years. In times of stress, she is my hand to hold, shoulder to cry on and most importantly my sister. I wouldn’t trade her for ANYTHING in the world.

She truly is my sister when my actual blood sister isn’t living near me. She has made me a better person and i know I can trust her with my life. 

The reason for this post at 3:18 in the morning is because I wanted to share my love to the world. Show the world that being in a relationship isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes the love you need isn’t from a significant other, but a best friend.

Share your love with those who have been there for you since the start. I hope my love outreach got to everyone of you and that the love I have brought forward will be passed on.

Share the love.

The world needs it.


your tired but happy friend



15 Essentials Item Girls Must Always Have!

A girls purse is her whole life. The contents inside of it can tell all of her secrets. Here are some essentials every girl must have in her purse at all times!

1.) Lipstick.

the greatest color you own. You never know when you need to jazz up the outfit to go out to dinner. You just might get a guys number at the most unexpected time. Be prepared ladies(;

2.) Feminine Supplies.

Goes without saying. Be prepared.

3.) Mascara, Eyeliner, Compact Mirror.

These are the essentials! Do not go outside your place without at least mascara on. Trust me, it makes a world of a difference. Mascara makes your lashes longer, darker and make you seem more awake than you may be. Eyeliner can be put on easy and can also rub off easily. Carrying this item ensures you will not look like you half-assed your makeup. Compact mirror is obviously used to look at yourself with! Maintain a healthy ego girls, it is okay to look at yourself once in a while.

4.) Pen and A Post-It.

You never know when you need to write down a number(;

5.) Hand Sanitizer/Lotion.

The world is a sticky, messy, dirty place. Your don’t want to have nasty hands with nasty germs, right?

6.) Tissues.

It saves lives.

7.) Mints/Gum.

You always have to have fresh breath! Nothing worst than talking to someone and their breath stinks. Can you say…. UNCOMFORTABLE!?

8.) Pepper Spray.

No, i am not crazy! Some parts of town are scary and you wouldn’t want to get attacked right?

9.) Snack.

You might get hungry! Carry a granola bar or power bar with you. I know i cannot survive class without a small smack in my purse.Go ahead stock up!

10.) Wallet.

It is embarrassing going somewhere ready to purchase something and you don’t have enough or any money at all and you have to cancel your food order. It has happened once or twice… Sad day 😦

11.) At Least $5.

Starbucks money 🙂

12.) Hair Tie/ Bobby Pins.

Throughout the day, you’re running around, sweating and your hair just gets in the way! Pull it back into a perfect high pony, pin back the bangs and you’re good to go! Maybe even a messy bun!… ooo stylish!

13.) Sunglasses.

Unless you live in a place where it rains all the time… skip this

14.) PHONE.

Oh this is most important! Cannot live without your phone!

15.) Your Smile 🙂

Okay i know you can’t carry this in a purse, but you can have it everywhere you go. Your smile is your best accessory at the end of the day. No matter what you wear or look like that day, your smile says it all, you’re beautiful!


OKAY so that was my list of essentials ever girl must have with her in her purse. I hope you learned something! I hope my crazy didn’t show too much with my purse items, haha! Comment below some things you carry in your purse that i may have left out!


your organized girl